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Your Bio

I'm a born again Christian, married to a Christian man with 5 children and 5 grandchildren. Born and raised in the Hoosier state, I learned to enjoy photography when my father bought me my first camera while in my teens, an inexpensive 110.

My first experience with 35mm film was shortly after high school, while on vacation to Niagara Falls with my sister. She borrowed our dad's Pentax K1000, and I borrowed a friends Canon. That's when we both fell in love with photography. Several years later, when our dad was taken home to be with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I inherited his Pentax K1000. I loved the quality of the pictures it took, until I would forget to match aperture and f-stops, it was completely manual! So I eventually got a much smaller automatic 35mm, a Fuji-non Zoom 38-110mm.

The joy of taking pictures waned after time, but was renewed again when I bought my first digital camera, a Kodak Easy Share with only 3.2 mega pixels. It was a great first digital, but after a while I desired a better quality camera, which the Lord blessed me with in 2007, a Canon EOS, Digital Rebel XT, SLR, 8.0 megapixels and 2 lenses. Although the technical aspects of photography have never been my forte, I believe the Lord has blessed me in my efforts to get pictures that will glorify Him and that others will enjoy.

Photos galleries after Nov. 2007 were taken with the Canon. All galleries before that were taken with the Kodak, except for a few that were taken with the Fuji 35mm and transferred to digital.

All editing is done in Microsoft Digital Image Suite Anniversary Edition.

Feel free to contact me with questions or coments by clicking this link: Email Me

Thanks for taking the time to look at my albums and for all the nice comments. Check back on occasion for updates and changes.


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